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Nictavi Tarsus Patch

Nictavi Tarsus Patch

The Tarsus Eyelid Patch is an elongated octagon shape with unique features that make it superior to its competition. It is made of breathable medical materials and has a gentle yet aggressive adhesive that holds fast on the sensitive skin of the eyelid that removes without irritation or residue.

It is comfortable and effective to wear for long periods of time. It can be worn during sleep to achieve eye closure in addressing nocturnal lagophthalmos and aid in the prevention of corneal defects or damage. It is also suitable for daytime use as an eye closure therapy, which stabilises the eyelid in the closed portion, retaining moisture and encouraging the body to naturally heal the cornea. For this application you would wear one patch for day use, changing for the night for the needed durations. To heal surface defects the Tarsus Patch may need to be worn for a week, or even a month changing every morning and night or as needed. More comfort, effectiveness, and less irritability, make the Tarsus Eyelid Patch ideal for paediatric use, worn under an eye shield in some cases to prevent removal.

It is applied to the upper eyelid above the eye-opening, and easily aligned and properly placed with the aid of a light blue arching line on the patch. It’s design or shape, does not intrude on the eyelashes or the corners of the eyes, making it much more comfortable than other products that crush the eyelashes under them and stick the eyelids together. This can be irritating and in some cases doesn’t give a complete eyelid closure. When the Tarsus Patch is applied to the closed upper eyelid, the adhesion conforms the patch to the curvatures of the eyeball, on the eyelid and under the brow.  It acquires form and structure, holding the eyelid in the closed position in resistance to the retraction of the levator muscle.

The design makes it possible to deliver medicine or artificial tears.  Use one finger to lower and open the bottom eyelid.  Upon the release of the lower eyelid, the eye is closed again as the upper eyelid is held in the closed position by the applied Tarsus Patch. This gives the product the ability to accompany eye medicines, as well as for use after eye surgeries to enhance healing. There have been studies that show that eyelid closure enhances the delivery, and effectiveness of some eye medicines. It is also excellent for use during sedated surgeries and on paralysed patients for eye closure.

In some cases partial eyelid closure is desired. This can be achieved with the Tarsus Patch by positioning at application. Application positioning is key in all cases. The wearer needs to find the application positioning or sweet spot for their individual orbital eye socket anatomy and the desired amount of eyelid closure desired.

Due to lower lid anatomy or various lower lid functionality issues it may be necessary to support the lower lid to achieve effective eyelid closure.



Directions for application and removal of the Tarsus Eyelid Patch.     

Eyelid surface must be clean and dry before applying patch.

1. Apply centred on closed upper eyelid, above the eye opening and lashes. Rub gently to adhere. Fig A

2. To remove, roll your finger gently over either side edge of the patch, rolling back a portion. Grab the portion with your fingers and gently peel the patch off.

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